Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide an excellent service where users from all backgrounds can legitimately earn Robux (R$) without dealing with the many sites that seek to scam their users with the promise of providing "Free R$" but demand extremely sensitive personal information. Our service requires no information about you other than your public Roblox name.

Robux Walls is a legitimate service that allows you to watch videos and complete offers in order to earn Robux (R$) without hassle. Once a minimum withdrawal amount of 25 Robux (R$) is reached, you can withdraw the amount to your Roblox account via the Roblox group.

Yes. The developers and administrators of this site are fellow gamers looking to help the community.

1 account per household. If you have more than that, you risk all accounts being suspended. If this occurs, contact our support team.

When you withdraw your R$, it will go into your Roblox account instantly, though it may be delayed due to Roblox maintenance or downtime that is beyond our control, if you are a member of the group. If there are any delays or questions regarding the process, contact our support team.

You must turn off adblock and not mute any videos or tabs that are related to the offer you selected. If you get an error on an offer or video that states that the content is not available in your country, that means you may be not be eligible for that particular offer and there is nothing support can do in those instances. Videos are often restricted to the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Sweden and the Netherlands; however, other countries may be added or removed based on the offers that are available in that moment.

1 video or offer per device with up to 3 devices running videos at maximum. If you do not follow the rules of the offers or videos, their systems may ban your household from receiving future offers, if that occurs, there is nothing our support can do.

From time to time, offer walls will delay processing a conversion or fail to award it due to a network problem beyond our control. In these cases, you will need to provide screenshots and contact the offer wall's support team using the wall's built in features for reaching support.

If you still do not have an answer to your questions, you can contact support.

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